We love our alpacas so much we’d like to share them with you! They are so cute and have unique personalities, adopting one is a great gift for someone special or just for you.

If you love alpacas but don’t have the land or the time to keep your own or know someone who is mad about alpacas, then you can adopt one of our gorgeous Bewl Rookery team.

Our adoption package is £45 and the money will be spent on the care and upkeep of your adopted alpaca.

Adoption includes a private visit with your alpaca and the team.

Adopt an Alpaca


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Alpaca adoption pack includes:

  • Adoption Certificate Gift Card
  • Private visit, by arrangement, to feed your alpaca.
  • All about your Alpaca Fact Sheet with Photographs
  • Sample of your alpaca’s fleece.
  • Seasonal email updates on your alpaca’s year, with photos.
  • Invitation to Zoom virtual carrot feeding to meet your alpaca.
  • 10% off a Bewl Rookery Afternoon Tea for two.

Additional information

Choose an alpaca to adopt

Emmy, Monique, Rudy, Rameses, Sinatra, Suzette, Polyanna, Priscilla, Lady, Mossy, Bosky, Treacle, Pandora, Cotton, Smudge, Pancake

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions:

  1. Adoption lasts 12 months with no renewal. Please email to request renewal.
  2. Each alpaca is available for multiple adoptions and is not exclusive.
  3. Adoption does not imply ownership.
  4. Your application will be processed as soon as possible after payment, and will be confirmed on email and then the package delivered by Royal Mail.
  5. We have the right to refuse any applications that may have suspected interests to harm our alpacas or smallholding.


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Sinatra is 6 years old and a Huacaya. He loves being sprayed with water in the summer and jumps up on his hind legs in excitement at the spray from the garden hose! He loves carrots but can only eat one at a time because - well because he's Sinatra! He is a Huacaya.
Adopt Sinatra

Rameses ​

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Rameses turned 7 years old in June and is a gentle and sweet boy. He is a Huacaya and has the biggest bouffant hairstyle before shearing!. He is in love with Molly our Wire Fox Terrier and enjoys having a chat with her over our garden fence!
Adopt Rameses


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Rudy is a gentle and inquisitive Suri and our other 7 year old boy. He's the tallest and a little bit overweight! He is the slowest to come and eat breakfast in the mornings ambling in his own time into his pen! But not slow when it comes to eating carrots from guests! He is very protective of the girls even though he's on the other side of the fence! He wishes he was with them!
Adopt Rudy


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Suzette is 6 years old. She may be the youngest of the adults in the team but she's the greediest when it comes to carrots and will eat them all if she gets the chance! She is the mother of Pancake, very friendly and is a Suri.
Adopt Suzette

Monique ​

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Monique is 11 years old and is a bit shy - hence not wanting her photo taken unless she is with Emmy! She gurgles with delight when we rub her back with lotions for her dry skin. She has beautiful big brown eyes and the longest lashes!
Adopt Monique


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Emmy is our eldest alpaca at 19 years old and is a Huacaya. She asked that I use the photo of her before being sheared! Emmy is a little bit naughty at breakfast time and likes to pinch food from the younger ones! In her youth she won awards for her fleece and was front cover of a trade magazine! She is our matriarch and looks out for everyone in the herd.
Adopt Emmy


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Priscilla is 8 years old. She and Pollyanna joined our team in February 2020. She is very sweet and shy and can be quite stubborn! She is a Huacaya and has the prettiest face. She is proud mum of Treacle and Smudge.
Adopt Priscilla​


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Pollyanna is a Suri and 8 years old. She is proud mum of Bosky and Pandora and loved being a mum. She misses Bosky but is lucky to have Pandora with her in the girls field and the two of them often spend time together and also both get up to mischief like stealing food and going into areas of our field they are not meant to!
Adopt Pollyanna


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Bosky is our first Cria. He was born on 12th May 2020. We called him Bosky as in Medieval English it means covered by trees and he was born under our Oak trees. His mum is Pollyanna and he is a beautiful coloured Suri. He is a cheeky boy but so gorgeous he gets away with anything!
Adopt Bosky


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Treacle was born on 2 July 2020, and the 2nd alpaca to be born here at Bewl Rookery. This photo of him was taken when he was only a few months old. He is a Huacaya like his mum, Priscilla. He is a quite shy like his mum, but not when he is playing with his best mate Bosky.
Adopt Treacle


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Lady is 10 years old and a Huacaya. She is the proud mum of gorgeous Cotton. They both joined our family in July 2021 as we wanted a Cria to be a friend to Pandora. She enjoys her new home and new friends and loves eating, especially breakfast and any other treats like carrots!
Adopt Lady


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Pandora is a Suri and was born here on 8th July 2021. She is daughter to Pollyanna, her brother is Bosky who was born a year earlier and her best friend is Cotton. They are double trouble together! They love racing around the field. Pandora loves to say hello and check out all our guests!
Adopt Pandora


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Mossy joined our alpaca family in July 2021. She is a Huacaya and is 10 years old. She came with her friend Lady and her Cria, Cotton. She is a quiet soul and a bit nervous but happy with the herd and her new home. She is a beautiful chocolate colour that we love!
Adopt Mossy


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Pancake was born here on 2nd July 2022. He is a Suri like his mum Suzette. He was a real mummy's boy but is now loving life in the boys field and playing with his best mate Smudge. He loves meeting new people when they come for tea.
Adopt Pancake


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Cotton is a white Huacaya. She was born on 5 July 2021. Her mum is Lady. Her best friend is Pandora and they love to hang out and play together. She stands so elegantly and loves giving kisses!
Adopt Cotton


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Smudge was born here on 26 June 2022. He is a Huacaya and his mum is Priscilla. He is a real cutie, super friendly and loves life and playing with his best mate Pancake.
Adopt Smudge

Our 16 alpacas range in age from 8 months to 17 years old and they all have individual characters. We have 9 Huacaya and 7 Suri alpacas. Meet the Bewl Rookery team

Alpaca team
Bewl Rookery alpacas

A group shot taken in 2019 with our first six alpacas before and after shearing.