Bewl Bircher is a healthy and tasty start to the day. As our guests seem to love it, I thought I would finally share my recipe with you here. I have to say my recipe is really a combination of various ones found online when I first came up with the idea of wanting something healthy to offer guests along with the usual offering of cereals, home made bread and fresh fruit. Naturally we also offer a the traditional B&B favourite of a hearty plate of cooked food including sausages, bacon, eggs from our own hens, smoked salmon and much more.

So my breakfast in a glass recipe is below. These quantities fill 4 of my small glasses which would probably make enough for two normal pudding bowls:

Bircher contents:
100 grams of Organic Rolled Oats
A sprinkling of linseed, chia seeds, flaked almonds, coconut flakes, cinnamon
1 apple, grated
250 ml Apple Juice (I use Fuggles Apple Juice from a local farm)

Put everything in a bowl and soak overnight.

Top with Greek Yoghurt and fresh fruit or fruit compote
I make lots of different fruit compotes throughout the year depending on the season. It is an excellent way to use up gluts of fruit in season. You can make a small amount if you just have a few spare strawberries or raspberries, rhubarb etc or a whole batch and then freeze it. Unlike jam it doesn’t keep for a long time in a jar. I have used a River Cottage recipe for Blackberry & Apple compote that keeps for a few weeks in a jar.

I am sure everyone knows how to make compote so I won’t give a detailed recipe here. Anyway I usually just make up the recipe, as it’s basically fruit and sugar (or honey) with various additions like star anise or cinnamon depending on the fruit being used.

Bewl Birchers with fresh fruit