Meet our alpacas

Our six alpacas range in age from 3 to 15 years old and they all have individual characters. Meet the Bewl Rookery team.

Group shot before shearing.
Just a little bit less of us after shearing!

Sinatra just turned 2 this year. He loves being sprayed with water and jumps up on his hind legs in excitement at the spray from the garden hose!
Emmy is our eldest alpaca at 16 years old. She asked that I use the photo of her before being sheared! Emmy is a little bit naughty at breakfast time and likes to pinch food from the younger ones.

Rameses turned 3 years old in June and is a gentle young boy. He is in love with Molly our Wire Fox Terrier puppy and enjoys having a chat with her over our garden fence!

Rudy is our other 3 year old boy, gentle and sweet. He often leads the pack making the first decision to come and have breakfast or eat carrots.

Suzette just turned 2 years old this summer. She may be the youngest of the team but she’s the greediest when it comes to carrots and will eat them all if she gets the chance!
Monique is now 8 years old and is a bit shy – hence not wanting her photo taken unless she is with Emmy! She gurgles with delight when we rub her back with lotions for her dry skin. She has beautiful big brown eyes and the longest lashes!
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